A Seamstress For The Full Figured

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A Seamstress For The Full Figured   By: Jimivega. 

updated Oct. 2018



This is something that I wanted to share and blog about for a while now, I’ll try to make it short, but first allow me to share a short story with you about a shopping experience in Brownsville, a section of Brooklyn on Picken Ave. My neighborhood. It’s a retail section where items are relatively inexpensive and in some cases, you can pretty much name your price—if it’s within reason.

    After admiring a shirt in the store window I had decided to step inside and check it out, I inspected the garment and approached the salesman, I told him that I would buy the shirt, but under one condition. The condition was for him to cut the long sleeves short, and to cut the collar down to a Chinese collar style, or in a like…

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Full Figured And The Hi-Low Dress

Jimivega's Review

md_vKxCUblSBpbXvndTjo8A  By Jimivega:  Revised 2018

The women that you see to the left before you have No fan fair, No accessories. No bling, and No glory and yet, homegirl is work’in the @!$#! out of that dress.  Notice the “final free-fall” at the back of the garment. It would be mentioned again in the article.  If I told you any different I wouldn’t be credible. (Wearing this dress doesn’t take much.)

Here I would share my opinion on a fashion trend that I just have to talk about. It’s the Hi-Low dress. What makes this dress appealing is that unlike the asymmetrical hem dress, commonly known as the “fairy” style, or the “Hanky Hem” dress, it’s a more conservative look. Asymmetrical Styles will always have its place in the world of dresses and tops. It portrays the look of the women that have just been ripped out…

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A Seamstress For The Full Figured

A Seamstress For The Full Figured   By: Jimivega. 

updated Oct. 2018



This is something that I wanted to share and blog about for a while now, I’ll try to make it short, but first allow me to share a short story with you about a shopping experience in Brownsville, a section of Brooklyn on Picken Ave. My neighborhood. It’s a retail section where items are relatively inexpensive and in some cases, you can pretty much name your price—if it’s within reason.

    After admiring a shirt in the store window I had decided to step inside and check it out, I inspected the garment and approached the salesman, I told him that I would buy the shirt, but under one condition. The condition was for him to cut the long sleeves short, and to cut the collar down to a Chinese collar style, or in a like a mock-neck fashion. He agreed and proceeded to make a phone call. Within minutes his colleague (a man short in stature) arrived from across the busy street. He was armed with the biggest scissors that I’ve ever seen. To this day I can swear that the scissors were bigger than he was. I watched him work the magic, and within 20 minutes he’d made the shirt look unbelievably unique to my style and an absolute must-have addition to my wardrobe. He’s now my tailor.

    It’s a fact that if two women of the same size, wearing the same outfit can look very different in comparison, you agree? And it’s merely because one women’s 2X body can greatly differ from the next. ( This observation goes for all sizes.)

    It’s also a fact that when your clothes fit well you feel good, and better about yourself…and when you feel good about yourself you have more confidence. Call it magic if you may but when you’re confident everything seems to always come together. It’s really not magic, it’s your energy flux. It’s the vibrations that your emitting…and it’s real. The laws of attraction. In short, Vibes given, Vibes received.

    It’s a good chance that the next plus size garment that you try on isn’t going to fit you as correctly as if you were a straight size, women. But it’s OK, some pieces aren’t as importantEnlarge 1 and you really don’t have to have the perfect fit. We have too much going on in our lives to try to change the minds of dress manufactures in changing garments for the plus size world.

    Tailoring is a must for full figured women on much of the Plus Size garments you purchase. If it’s not because of the style and fashions, it’s for a downright better fit. It’s sometimes impossible to grab the colors and the styles straight off-of-the-rack and get that. Voluptuous women know this all too well. “It can become frustrating at times, and I just walk away”. Said avid big girl shopper and longtime friend Cool Stacy C. “ She also added, “…and If you can’t carry my size in your store, then don’t try to sell it to me online”. The truth of the matter is that retailers don’t think it’s cost effective to stock a healthy inventory of big girl stuff…but some of them are catching on.

    Some Full Figured women can seamlessly play just about anything they wear with little to no alteration, but that’s a very few. I personally think that it’s more of an attitude than anything else. They seem to have that elusive “It” that just seems to work everything out that they wear. Like I said, very few women can pull that off.

     sequin-dress.netIt’s good to understand that most local dry cleaning companies that advertise they offer alteration provide the very basic hem jobs and not too much more. Please don’t be fooled. You can hire a person to paint your house and wind up with an acceptable job, but it won’t be the same as having a professional painter do it. Dry cleaners are for cleaning your clothes, and not to change your garment to contour to your unique figure.
There’re very few exceptions.

      A good seamstress will cut and alter the garment as if it were made just for you although it was purchased from the rack. They’re well experienced in the texture of material that’s best suited for your needs and give advice with personal opinion on the look, feel, and sensitivity of the material on the skin if you may have concerns. This is what they do. They’re most efficient in the cut and taking-in of a garment so that it will accentuate the positive lines in your figure, and eliminate more of the unwanted. You’ll look in the mirror and barely recognize yourself. I can write a page on the many benefits of adding personal seamstress to your phone contacts. A great seamstress will have you asking yourself “where have you been all of my adult life”.

    Of course, you don’t need a seamstress for everything but for some of your more essential articles of clothing you don’t want to just settle. An excellent seamstress can make you look fabulous in just about anything. It’s essential that I also add that every woman has a style— it’s the one unchanging, overwhelming factor that dictates your look. There’s fashion pieces that you’ll do, there’s fashion that you may consider, but then there’s pieces that you’ll pretty much stay clear of. The garment is simply just not your style nor your look. Stepping out of the box is fine but you’ll never step too far from home. You can bet a dollar on that.

    Prices on alteration work will vary, and in most cases, a job as simple as a hem will differ from one business to the next. A $40.00 dress with a $40.00 alteration cost29231aec6075d986f512e9cd823058cf2 Prices on alteration work will vary, and in most cases, a job as simple as a hem will differ from one business to the next. A $40.00 dress with a $40.00 alteration cost may not scale right with you and your budget. That’s fine. Because honestly you could have brought two dresses for the price of that one but if you can stretch your money for the look that fits you better then it could be worth the money. It also beats say, “now you have two dresses that don’t fit right. It just might be worth it for that upcoming Family reunion, Class reunion, or maybe man reunion? Ahh, It’s up to you. Either way, instead of merely just wearing that outfit to your function, you could be workin’ it.

    I hope that This article at least planted a seed of alteration if nothing else. There’s plenty of information out there that will help you along. Realize that settling for what’s on the rack doesn’t have to be your best work. If you tried it on and you like it but it’s not the best fit? Or, you think it will go great with your new shoes but it’s not entirely your size. Buy it! Just make sure that the tailor has material to work with. When intending to visit a seamstress it’s better to make sure there’s enough material for him or her to work with. It’s OK to oversize when you leave enough room to take-in, take-up, or let-out your garment.

updated Oct. 2018


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Full Figured And The Hi-Low Dress

md_vKxCUblSBpbXvndTjo8A  By Jimivega:  Revised 2018

The women that you see to the left before you have No fan fair, No accessories. No bling, and No glory and yet, homegirl is work’in the @!$#! out of that dress.  Notice the “final free-fall” at the back of the garment. It would be mentioned again in the article.  If I told you any different I wouldn’t be credible. (Wearing this dress doesn’t take much.)

Here I would share my opinion on a fashion trend that I just have to talk about. It’s the Hi-Low dress. What makes this dress appealing is that unlike the asymmetrical hem dress, commonly known as the “fairy” style, or the “Hanky Hem” dress, it’s a more conservative look. Asymmetrical Styles will always have its place in the world of dresses and tops. It portrays the look of the women that have just been ripped out of the jungle like Jane with Tarzan or the safari wild women look, the more aggressive look of the Amazons. OHhh Soo Sexy. Men just can’t resist. Although there are more subtle styles.

But the Hi-Low Dress is somewhat of a different asymmetrical style and offers a whole lot more than just being another cute dress.  These dresses are available in a verity of lengths and angle of the cut.  Depending on the pattern of the hem, the dress can be purchased in exposing, and dramatic patterns.  Some angled high as to expose the thighs and draping down to barely touching to the floor in the back. You may prefer a more conservative look of a southern styled Maxi. ( As shown in the picture on the right.) Which either one that you chose. You’ll have a dress that has the hem cut lower in the back and a very noticeable higher cut in the front, making it one of the most sexiest dresses ever, that can be worn formally, informally, and just plain casual.  Just remember that this article is based purely upon personal observations and assumption of it’s author, me, and is open for controversial opinion form readers, and fellowing contributors.

     Story:    Recently I dined out at my favorite Trinidadian restaurant. Yeahh, thefoodwasgreat! But, what also makes this eatery one of my best restaurant is that the area is so wide open that I can check out everything and everyone that’s that enters.  Here I always choose to be served in my special corner out of the way. This spot allows me to check out who, and what comes through the door.  But this position also allows me to stare.  To be frank,  I can burn a hole through any fashioned prey from this location and still remain in my comfort zone which suits me just fine.

On this particular day, I observed a good many of the wonderfully dressed female guest sporting beautifully garments of all kind. I particularly notice the women wearing flowing  Hi-Low dresses.  In most cases, the difference between the front and rear hem was at least a foot to a foot 1/2 in length.  Which is, in my opinion, one of the most appealing styles.  One of the things that really caught my attention was the variety in the different shapes and sizes of women that were wearing this style of dress. It’s mostly a summer style and shoe styles varied from pumps to sandals.

It’s great when you can sit back and enjoy this type of fashion show because you can really do a good comparison between sizes, and shapes of the women that looks the best in the outfit.  There’s rarely any do’s and don’ts of this outfit. A short bolero sweater can be matched well for one of the better looks.

The second thing that could not be denied was that during my observation I concluded that it was the larger, full figured women that really brought the style of dress to life. It was the women with the larger hips, the larger waistline, and the larger thighs that fill the dress out in a more attractive manner than straight sized, or petite women. This will be the small, medium, lager women. (Here’s where the back-lash started), This  is a dress that yells “fill me!”

The beauty of it is that the front opens up like drapes on a cool sunny day and the deep length between the back and the front hem better compliments the full-figured.  The larger waist, hips, thighs, and legs were observed to bring the dress to a full blossom.

Allow me to explain in this break-down:                           The Big Effect

pretty yellowNumber 1, The Waist: A full figured women wearing this dress will start the garment off with a broader base in which to set the garment off to a nice curve from the waist on to…

Number 2, The Hips: Which the garment flows further outwardly, setting the dress on its path to her visibly rounded thighs.

Number 3, The Thighs:  Here is where it comes together. Some younger women are endowed with well-rounded muscles (The quadriceps) on the frontal thigh as well as naturally developed calves. This gives the legs a curvy view from the front side of the garment.  For these women, this dress is a natural. Depending on the material used in its construction, you will announce yourself by your mere appearance.

Both the Hips and the Thighs sets the dress flow for a wider opening. The final free-fall barely touching the body, and like the curtain pulled back to unveil beautiful full-size sexy legs.  A peek-a-boo style dress to some, and it’s especially apparent with women that take full strides in their steps.

Note; The garment will command its own attention so don’t you worry yourself over the fit. It’s very forgiving.

imagesP15147593The Thin Size Effect
Some smaller women lack this desired free fall effect that it takes to bring out this dress. What you have is the dress cascading down the side of the length of the body, giving a straight and less appealing look.  Nice, but not as appealing as filling the dress,  with the appearance of a nearly closed curtain result at times.

Recently while leaving my office building I had the opportunity of observing smaller and somewhat petite women ranging from  5″ to 5′ 5″ in frame wearing Hi-Low’s.  They had me question myself in asking, did this article really scale down fairly.  Maybe I’d cast a polarized view and opinion upon my readers and was too bias in my opinion. If I did please then excuse me.  I would like to say that I thought all of the women that I observed looked fantastic.

     I just would like to vote for the big girls on this one.   I would like to invite you to take your own observation and tell me what you think.

So all of the big beautiful women that are uncomfortable about wearing a dress that’s too revealing for your taste, rest assured, you still have cover.  Keep in mind that depending on the cut, it can be fashioned as a peek-a-boo style garment, and you’re not overly exposing the goods. This is what makes it so sexy,  assertive yet conservative. I witnessed a friend of mines except compliments before leaving the modeling stage.  “Oh thank you.” she said  “Yes, Thank you very much” and “Your so kind.” After walking through the gantlet of admirers I heard her say under her breath.  “You damn right.!”

For the Plus Size And Sassy’s out there that want more attention,  go out and have fun with it. In conclusion, I’d like you to find the best one that will work for you and dice it up a bit.  Let us know how it looks on you.  As always, we appreciate your feedback on this article as well as the others in archives. We are able to revise these articles to include different attitudes on the subject.  We love new information and personal perspective.  Opinions and commentary are always welcome. Let us hear your vote.

Send us your personal pictures in your favorite Hi-Low outfit. We just may include it in our extended article, and revisions.

Manufacture and make of the dress are also welcome information, but not necessary.

It’s a nice time for a cool change.  Serve it up Hot.  Keep the men watching and the women wondering.

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Jimivega  Revised 2018

What is a pear-shaped body?

Well to start off with. I personal think that there should be a better name of this shape of women. The name pear doesn’t give fair credence to the sheer beauty in this figure. Sure coke bottle is a little forward. I personal would go for the term “Poire”. I like that. (It’s pear in French). This is a great figure to have. The pear body shape is one of the most common female body shape. Grab a mirror and take a look: If your hips and backside are wider than your shoulders, you’re the lucky owner of a pear-shaped body. Pear-shaped bodies typically have a smaller bust-line as well. Depending on your overall proportions, bustier pears may actually be an hourglass body style.

The main traits of your Pear shaped body are:

• Generous hips and thighs (A bottom heavy shape).

• Narrow or sloping shoulders

• Wider bottom

• Smaller bust in comparison to the bottom

• Thin and slender neck

People with a Pear Body Shape have hips wider than their shoulders because their bodies store fat there and on the thighs. Pear shaped bodies carry their extra weight below the waistline, and do not seem to have as high a risk of developing health problems. (So I’ve read).

Pear shaped people can usually lose fat in the upper body, so their overall shape doesn’t change much when they lose weight. I personal know pear shape women that have lost so much weight up top in an effort to get rid of some bottom only to find that the bottom hasn’t gone anywhere.

Like all sizes, show off your shoulders. Create Curves on Top. Wear anything that visually adds more weight to your shoulder and bust area and brings attention to your upper body. This makes your body figure look more proportional.The shoulders are a great and sexy part of a woman’s body. Especially if you’re pear-shaped, you want to show them off by wearing off-the-shoulder tops that expose one or both shoulders. These tops immediately attract attention and steer the eye exactly where you want it. Ruffles or puffy sleeves on your top are also great for pears.

Focus attention upward. Pear-shaped women should focus attention on the upper half of their pear-shaped body by choosing slim, fitted tops, button-down shirts and cardigans. Try a fun scarf around your neck, a fabulous necklace, or a great pair of earrings. These items all serve to draw the eye up to your best features.

When you keep it simple on the bottom. You’ll have so much room to play with tops and accessories. You can start to stock your wardrobe with great fitting pants, jeans, and skirts, and then play with colors, prints, and less expensive, trendier items on top.

Get a little structure. Structured pants are a great fit, especially those that skim the hips and thighs of a pear-shaped body. Avoid flashy embellishments like cargo pants, funky pockets or embroidery. In the cooler climate layer it up. Layering garments can balance a pear-shaped body by adding visual interest to the top half of the body.

When drawing attention from the bottom. More about the top. Direct attention to your tops. Fun colors, prints, or details at the neck all serve the purpose of drawing the eye away from the hip area. Just make sure that your tops don’t end at your hips because that draws unnecessary attention there. For example, you can combine a tailored, flared pant with an attractive, eye-catching top can play up a pear’s best features.

Go for A-line dresses and tops emphasize the upper body while slimming the wider hips that have the characteristic of a pear-shaped body.

Your fashion goal is to elongate your figure so that you look less bottom-heavy. The first line of attack to reaching this goal is to balance your hips and your shoulders while showing off your curves.  Remember, the key here is to accentuate your top half. For example, if the eye is drawn to your cute top or the scarf around your neck, it takes the focus off your bottom half.

You may find that you might like  wearing  something darker and slimming on the bottom, like dark jeans or slacks, or a dark knee-length pencil skirt or A-line skirt.  That doesn’t mean that you always have to wear black on the bottom, but make sure that the bottom is solid in color and darker than whatever you have on top.

Embrace the opportunity to emphasize your slim neck, shapely shoulders  and defined waist. That means showing it off. You look great. Really! You can easily work with your heavier bottom half to get an all-over balanced outfit for work or play that is more balanced and more when appropriate, but  It’s all about personal comfortable for you.

By Jimivega

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Why Robes, Gowns, and Night Shirts?

Lets face it, lingerie shirts are just cool. A night shirt is another one of the most popular sleepwear styles that are both comfortable and suggestive enough to have a man to be found wanting–and boy doesn’t that make you feel sexy. You will also love the way they make your male friends eyes to pop with excitement and desire.

Sure, putting on a man’s jerseys or his shirt is fine–especially in the mornings or after love making. But lounging around the house with your own piece of lady’s Lingerie is awesome. Here’s the tip: your private time home alone can easily become a nice situation. Wearing a lingerie shirt fitted to fall at the mid thigh or one size larger without panties or underwear is the greatest feeling. A Teddie or Babydoll can provide the same sensation. A nice glass of wine, a quite night, smooth music on the radio, and your tush exposed bare bottom. Eighter a nice bed time sleep or an easy morning at breakfast, once you’ve gone Lingerie Shirt Commando you’ll never go back.

It doesn’t matter what skin tone, body size or body shape a woman has, there’s definitely a collection of lingerie that will suit everyone. For the playful and showy women, a teddy or a body-stocking is certain make her and her partner happy. For the self-conscious, conservative and bashful ladies a chemise, gown and robe, or sheer nightshirts are their best bet. You just have to find nightshirts that will fit your frame so that they show off the sexy silhouette of your body.

Try a 3 piece so you can add or take way the Robe and Panties

A Robe and Gown Combination is no doubt the best in wearing fine negligee. It’s the ultimate hand. Elegant in it’s very basic form. No jewelry needed. It can be presented cold or fire hot (don’t touch boys)… yet.  Shaken or stirred with this one. It’s the difference between serving Rum, or fine aged Cognac. Very seductive, best used as a looker only. A prelude for whats to come. like I said boys, Don’t touch!   When purchasing your Robe and Gown, make sure you purchase the correct size so that it looks great on your body frame. A robe that is too tight on you can be very uncomfortable. Remember, it’s a Robe. Best worn when cascading over the butt and breast, a natural flow…not the bumps etc. Too big, and it can get in the way and look very unflattering. I won’t steer you wrong.

When buying robes and nightshirts think about the color and design that will highlight your best assets. If you have killer shapely legs and are gifted with full breasts then you should think about buying a low cut nightshirts that will give emphasis to your ample blessings. So your not as shapely, thats fine. Sheer lingerie looks great on any woman, regardless if she’s slim or curvy. The right fit will still bring out the best in your natural physique. And don’t forget the dare of the presence of being free and sexy.

But seriously girls. ultimately, the best tip on buying a beautifully fitting robes and nightshirts is to find one that will make you feel comfortable and confident.

By Heather Ponicsan. Slighty.  Edited by Stacy C.for this publication.

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What Is a Baby Doll Lingerie?

A babydoll is a very short, loose fitting negligee. It is typically sleeveless, but may have very short “cap” sleeves. Within this category, there are endless variations. A babydoll may or may not cover the buttocks. It may feature defined bra cups or hang loosely. Fabric choices range from silk or satin to lace or sheer fabrics.

Due to loose fitting nature of baby doll lingerie, it is easy to determine what size to buy. Babydolls are generally sized the same way as dresses (6, 8, 10 etc). Buy a babydoll in the same size as the dresses your partner wears.

Plus Size Women Sexy lingerie makes many full figured women uncomfortable the first time. If your partner has concerns about her size, baby doll lingerie is the perfect first step. Demonstrate that you respect her feelings (even if you don’t understand them) by choosing the babydoll carefully. Look for a piece that covers the areas that make her uncomfortable while drawing attention to her best assets.

On the Wild Side If your partner is confident and enjoys wearing sexy lingerie, consider more risqué babydoll styles. A barely-there fishnet or lace babydoll is sure to spice things up. Or consider an ultra-sheer babydoll in black, red or even white. Some styles are designed to expose and highlight your partner’s body rather than providing coverage.  By Amanda Cotterill.

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What is a Corset?

Some women enjoy wearing a corset as sexy underwear once in a while for a little extra stimulation in the bedroom and others still partake in something called “waist training” (altering the shape of the torso with the use of a corset). Whatever your reasons are, here are a few tips for buying your first corset. Shapes and Styles A corset is not a bustier. A corset is usually worn in conjunction with a blouse or dress, unlike a bustier, which you can wear on its own. Corsets don’t cover as much of the bust as you might think. Most corsets stop just below the bust or only cover it halfway. Here are some basic corsetry styles available: *Over bust: the corset extends far enough to cover the breasts *Cups: contains an underwire bra with cups for added support *Half bust: only covers the lower half of the breasts, giving you a “peek-a-boo” effect *Under bust: no breast coverage at all Aside from the bust line, there are different shapes for the hips too: *Short hip: originally designed for riding, this corset allows better movement in the hip area. *Mid hip: best for day to day wear, the mid hip corset distributes the pressure from the corset evenly, yet still allows you to move freely and comfortably. *Long hip: very restrictive, but offers more tummy control *Titanic Era: styled after a type of corset worn in the 1800s and places a strong emphasis on posture. This one will cure you of slouching for sure and is best worn with full skirts. *Corset dress: This full length corset is a favorite among the fetish groups. Frequently used in waist and obedience training. Does it sound extreme? It should. In this corset you won’t be able to sit, and in some cases, you won’t be able to walk very well either. You’ll want to choose a corset in a color that will go with anything. Black and white are the most popular choices. As time goes on and you decide you enjoy wearing a corset, you may want to invest in one or two more elaborately designed pieces. Size Waist measurements establish the size of a corset, so standard dress measurements used for women’s underwear do not apply. For the most part, women are encouraged to select a corset that is about four inches smaller than the typical waist measurement. This allows the corset to be laced tighter, allowing gaps between the lacing. Because a corset is designed to craft curves, a corset should have more contour than the woman wearing it.

By Amanda Cotterill


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What about the wrap dress


By Plus Size And Sassy. (Enjoy the video’s)


I’ll spare you of the history of the wrap dress and talk a little bit about what you should know. My crazy objective here is to get you out of your comfort zone and get you ready for an up coming event. No matter where you purchase it from, this dress can be found at any price and worn during any occasion. I call this dress Figure Flattering although I’m not the only one. This dress is the best thing since chocolate cake. One Wrap Dress can be configured into so many different styles than your typical open back design:

– It Can be worn as a skirt

– Wrapped around and over the shoulders with capped sleeves

– Criss-crossed in the front

– Criss-cross the back. Criss-cross the Front and Back.

– Haltered

– Twisted Front

– Over the shoulder (Very Elegant) ect.

Know that these are just a few designs to fashion your Wrap. Trust me when I tell you that its versatility accounts for its popularity. If you’re the stylish adventurous type, you’ll find that you can explore a more risqué venture with Wraps are more versatile than others. Women who’s thinking about having just one Wrap in her wardrobe, should buy one that is less daring. Start out with something simple. Know that the longer and the more width of the actual wrap, (or the straps which make the wrap), the more different styles and fashions it can be worn, leaving it totally up to your imagination with every occasion. After you see the video’s you will want to run out and purchase one as soon as you can find a retailer. So don’t be intimidated with extra long straps. It’s made that way so you can work it, work it, work it! If you don’t think that you can handle it the strap length because you think that it may be too much then that’s fine. Put it off until your next purchase, but I do recommend you look for the nice strap width. There’s more than one way to skin a kat!

I recently purchased 50 Scarf Wraps Dresses and was surprised to learn that the dresses were restricted to fitting only my small sized customers because of the limits to the straps lengths. They could have provided for the medium and large figures if they would have just extended the straps. Don’t make this mistake after purchase only to discover that you cannot be creative and only wrap it once around you body.

( If videos does not show please visit https://primousa.wordpress.com/)

Many Wraps can begin splitting in the front as low as inches above the belly button. If you like the style of the dress, but you’re not comfortable with the cut because of it showing too much cleavage or open back, then you may want to incorporate an old fashion tube top or cami to cover with. But heed this risqué warning. If your breast size is greater than a D cup or larger and you’re not wearing a tube or cami top, YOU WILL BE GETTING PLENTY ATTENTION!  This is the “No scouts allowed zone”. So if you don’t want the extra stares and glares cover it up. This is where the deep V neck may make or break you so be careful…or fearless. You may even consider wearing a strapless bra for the night.

Let’s face it, a dress is a dress and they can hide problem areas. Once the material peers off of the breast, hips or a bulged area it cascades over the hump like a waterfall making dresses outstanding for a good look, comfort and self esteem. In this way Wraps are no different. But unlike other dresses you can accentuate your curves with just a pull here and a snug there. Hence the name Wrap Dresses. Point blank, this bad boy offers a wider range of comfort, fashion, and styling than many one piece dresses on the market that can be fashioned and worn for a business engagement, or an elegant evening out.

The Wrap Dress has been said by some fashionistas that it’s best worn by slender to medium sized women. Some say that the dress showcases the curvy woman better. The truth is, Wrap Dresses can very well be worn by voluptuous women as well as the slender. In fact it is said that if a slender women and a curvy women wore the same dress, they would equally bring the house down. Petite women can still rock the dress with marginal upper or lower body structures. I think that curvy woman, no matter what size, can look  sensational pulling this one off. Diane Von Furstenberg really put this one together.

Depending on the material is being used, they can be quite fitting on a women’s figure, and work best in eliminating mid-section bumps and bulges. So watch the fit and material. Many published articles will inform you of the traditional fabric that is used in the design of Wrap Dresses and traditionally their right. But in the scheme of globalization overseas manufactures are pulling out all the stops making these dresses with different fabrics blends with as much as 5 to 7% spandex, making them very fitted, and Figure Flattering.

I know women that just must have all styles and fashions of dress in their wardrobe arsenal. . They simply must look beautiful wherever they go . Some women can wear just about anything and look good, and yes, some women have the money to do that.  But luckily with this Dress you too can achieve some of the same results. I never did follow the glamor girls too much. I think it’s good to experiment on what works for you. Find the 2 or 3 different style dresses that you’re comfortable working with and load up on them. For instance, if you find that a Wrap dress and a Sleek Dress really bring out the best in your figure. Fine. Stick with that style for now and keep it moving. Make sure that it makes you feel comfortable. That’s it! That your style.

I’ll add this little something extra if I will. Body shapers are well known and can be a regular part of your wardrobe. Most women use them to lose weight in hopes of a better shape with little or no effort —and that’s fine, but later to be disillusioned with the continual wear and discomfort. Before long it’s set aside with the rest of the things that could have been—the work out machine, Ab Roller…? Think about this, before preparing for that yearly Ball, Prom Night, Black Tie Affair, or Class Reunion, consider wrapping your upper bulge instead of the body shaper. I know what you may be thinking, but before incorporating them both, you may find that a sublte wrap might just do the trick in looking very impressive for the affair.

This article does not address Faux Wrap Dresses. There, a woman has very little creativity. There gorgeous  dresses and time savers that can be worn as a stylish average dress. A slip-on with faux straps (well, non straps) and a classy look. It’s the equivalent of a clip on tie that’s already made. Unless you find yourself surrounded by diva’s that clams to know everything, or even care about what you’re wearing in the first place, then I really don’t think that they’ll have anything to say. The faux slip-on can be well played.

…And in wearing a good outfit, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Don’t forget the jewelry. Don’t forget that you may be showing much chest and cleavage area ladies.  A killer matching necklace and earring set will divert the attention or accent it. Plan ahead. A modest bling does wonders for glamor presence.

Annnd Thatsit! Please feel free to comment. Ideas are appreciated.

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Great videos by: The Dessy Group and Eliza & Ethan.

Photo by: Butterbynadia.com